Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The trouble with Jake

Jake is a total cutie. He's sweet and obedient and docile and entertaining. See?!?

BUT (isn't there always a but?!?):  As a rescue dog that I adopted at age 2-ish, he has developed a bit af a separation-anxiety problem, whining and barking when he's left alone.  

In my house, that's not such a huge issue, as he usually settles down within, oh, 15 minutes or  so. However, in my boyfriend's condo -- that's another matter. Not only is Matthew's place much closer to his neighbors, but it's also a place that doesn't allow pets as residents, only as "guests."  

When Jake and I go to visit or spend the night, the b/f and I are pretty much captives in the condo -- plus we have to take Jake with us on errands -- because we really don't want Jake's carrying on to bother the neighbors. We can't even go down to the pool  for a swim for much longer than 5 minutes.  Arggh!!!

So, I went online the other day and looked up some training methods to break Jake of this habit. One hint is to "pretend" to leave, and ignore the dog's whines but reward good behavior by returning and praising him when he has been quiet. Also, I've been not making such a big deal out of returning -- less enthusiastic greetings, etc. Still too early to report any progress. But I was wondering: do any of you have any ideas or suggestions?  After all, Jake REALLY likes visiting Matthew's, and so do I! 


Matthew said...

aren't you the "dog whisperer"?
I have a feeling that Jake will adjust just fine!

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