Friday, September 12, 2008

The truth about e-dating

When I first announced this blog to family and friends, my sister suggested I write about the topic of Internet dating, which she has found to be utterly, frustratingly unsatisfactory. 

I myself had decidely mixed experiences with the online dating scene before I met Matthew at a bicycling Meetup -- proving that, yes indeed, meeting someone in person at a event or activity of mutual interest is the preferable way to go. 

My (paid) profile on match yielded a few coffee dates but a whole lot of nothing else.  My (free) profile on plentyoffish was much more fruitful: I met a nice guy that I dated for six months, whose company I enjoyed but who ultimately wasn't right for me.  

Luckily, I never got sucked into eharmony, but I'm familiar with its empty promises through sis's many horror stories. So, it wasn't surprising to read a so-painful-it's-funny account of one woman's  "unharmonious" experience with that pricey service on divinecaroline.  Read it and shake your head; read it and laugh. 

Now, this isn't a bash of Internet dating, no not at all.  If you use it as one part of your dating strategy, then it's a fine option.  But putting all your love-life eggs in the e-basket?  Not so smart.  


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