Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eat this way, not that ...

OK, so by now we've all heard the exortations to eat your food more slowly.  The benefits include better digestion and less consumption -- hence, less of a danger of weight gain. 

And now comes news of yet another study (conducted by Japanese scientists, as reported in BBC News) that corroborates the link between speedy eating and obesity. 

There's no arguing, then, that it's a good idea to try to slow down when you're dining. I've made a conscious effort in recent years to do just that -- and, even though I'm not always successful (wolfing down my food when I'm starving, for instance), I do try to follow some basic guidelines.

Such as:

1. Take smaller bites. Don't stuff your mouth; instead, fill your fork or spoon with an amount that fits only about half your mouth. 

2.  Don't gulp.  Chew each bite as thoroughly as possible so that you're not swallowing big, unchewed hunks of food.  

3. Take breaks. Put down your fork and knife every few mouthfuls or so. 

4. Dilute it.  Have a glass of water with your meal to slow you down and give you a "full" feeling sooner or with less food. 

And here are some other tips that might be worth trying:

1. Use a small (such as child-sized) fork and spoon when you eat. 

2. Chew on one side only (alternating sides). 

3. Do more conversing and less chomping when eating with others. You'll not only control your weight better, you'll be more popular as a dining companion! 


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