Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The lady in red ...

...  is the one that guys find the sexiest, apparently. 

According to an article on WebMD, researchers at the University of Rochester conducted a study with students involving photos of women on backgrounds of red and of other colors. The men found the  women in the red-background photos to be more attractive and appealing than women with photos on other colored backgrounds.  Female students who studied the photos showed no such bias. 

So, that age-old custom  that links red with romance seems to have a lot of merit!  Gals: If you'd like to wow your guy, then surround yourself in red! (Maybe even going so far as to fill your bedroom with red -- walls, bed linens, etc!).  And guys, you can boost your own romance potential by giving your sweetie red presents -- a sexy teddy, a tube of lipstick, red high heels, a bouquet of red roses: You get the idea! 


Matthew said...

The famous Marilyn Monroe pose in Playboy was shot on a red background!

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