Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update: A new member of the family

After losing their beloved cat, Tigger, last week, my parents decided to get another pet to refill  the yawning absense the big, loveable feline had left in their condo -- and in their hearts.  

They looked at some kitties in the local shelter but were not quite ready to take one home. Then  they heard about a cat owned by a friend of a friend that needed a new home.  So, they brought him home Monday night on a trial basis -- and there he stayed. 

According to my mom, he's a small, adorable gray cat with six toes on each front paw. He's about a year old, is neutered and vaccinated. Apparently he's had a bit of a hard life so far.  His name had been Gray Boy, but Mom didn't care for that, so she came up with "Grady," which resembles his old name but has a cuter, friendlier sound to it.  

So far, Grady has proven to be quite shy, hiding under the guest room beds and venturing out reluctantly.  He seems to be most wary of my stepdad.  But I'm sure it won't be long before he's coming when they call, greeting them at the door, and hogging the bed at night.  


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