Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gulp, and whoa!!

So, I did my yearly duty on Monday morning and went for a mammogram.

Then they called me back on Tuesday and wanted to take some more pics, because apparently there was something in one breast they needed a closer look at. So, I went back on Thursday morning. The mammo technician told me it was "calcifications," which are usually benign and no problem, but that the radiologist needed some magnifications to study them further.

Then my doctor's office called that evening: They want to do a biopsy, mainly as a "precaution."


On Friday evening when I got home (too late to call back), a message from the local hospital said to call and set up a time to come in for the "open appointment" they have for me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The sense of urgency and lack of specifics are indeed alarming. I's just so scary to see how quickly, and vaguely, they're shoving me toward the "surgery" route ...
So, I just hopped online and did a google search on this whole breast calcifications thing. Seems some doctors like to do a biopsy when they find the kind of calcifications I seem to have (of which, 80% turn out benign), while others take a more cautious wait-and-see approach.

I need to talk with my doctor further and find out more specifics about why they're pushing for the biopsy. My inclination is to wait and see. I also downloaded info on herbs and other foods that can have a beneficial effect on breast health -- which I intend to start taking, asap.

Gulp, and whoa!!


Spider63 said...

I went to get an MRI on Monday and they called and wanted to do a contrast MRI "because I had a speck on the bone." So I go back and then after all that they would not even tell me anything one way or the other. I have been praying though...

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