Sunday, November 2, 2008

The upside of being conscientious

Being nice doesn't get much respect in this me-first, money-worshipping society in which we live.  After all, nice guys finish last -- right?  

Not so fast ... maybe there's something to being a kind, caring and responsible citizen, after all: A new study (as reported in the L.A. Times) links the personal trait of conscientiousness to longevity. Seems that this attribute, as well as other factors that go along with it -- such as stability, hard work and self-control -- help a person to stay healthier into old age, and thus live longer.  

I'd also add that being conscientious helps give you a positive outlook and keeps you emotionally strong, two other vital factors to maintaining good health.  

So, nice guys may finish last -- but at least they'll live long enough to have the last laugh!


Spider63 said...

Being conscientious also means repressing your feelings and constant politeness. Look what it did to Emily Post. She was never able to admit her marriage had failed and never got married again.

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