Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once again, screwed by Mother Nature


Maybe there's a legitimate reason why so many women I know struggle with managing their weight, while the men just seem to be able to lose -- or maintain -- without much effort.  According to a story in Britain's The Independent, women may be biologically hard-wired to put on weight because of our reproductive functions (pregnancy and lactation).  Apparently, females have a much harder time resisting food temptations than do men. The study subjected hungry, non-obese women and men to the sight and smell of their favorite foods.  The men were able to "suppress" their cravings much more easily than the women. 

So, on top of having the physical advantage (more weight, more muscle mass, etc.) when it comes to burning calories, now they also have a brain-chemistry advantage in avoiding those calories in the first place.  Mother Nature, you are NOT nice!!! 


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