Friday, February 6, 2009

25 MORE reasons to fritter away time

If you haven't already, I'm sure you'll soon be getting nudged via an e-mail or tagged on Facebook to participate in the "25 Things About Me" chain.  It's become such an overnight craze that even The New York Times has written a recent article about it. 

I myself was tagged by a Facebook friend over the weekend; and I diligently sat down and wrote 25 things about myself (which, as everyone says, is harder than it looks!). But then, while trying to attach a photo, I lost the entire entry, and could not recover it ... so, in sheer frustration, I wrote a quick note entitled "I tried, it didn't save, so I'm not f---ing typing it again!" 

And I'm sticking to my word on that.  Not so hundreds of millions of other people, apparently: I just did a Google search on "25 things about me," and 73,100,000 results popped up!

So, my question is, what are all those people NOT doing that they should be doing while they're engrossed in this exercise of uber-navel-gazing? Just askin' .... 


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