Friday, February 20, 2009

The call of duty

So, that dreaded little notice arrived in the mail a couple of months ago: the JURY SUMMONS.

Because I had just served last spring, I thought I would be excused.  I filled out the form accordingly, sent it back, and considered the matter settled.  Not so: Even though I was on the hook for two weeks in April, dutifully calling every evening to see whether they needed me the next day,  I never had to show up at the courthouse. Thus, they didn't consider it actually serving jury duty.  So, the nice guy who phoned to inform me of this fact helped me pick a new date --Thursday (Feb. 19)  -- on the advice that Thursdays are usually a very light day for trial scheduling. 


Just my luck: I got called to be in a large pool for a serious criminal case.  Two days of voir dire later, and they still haven't finished questioning us or choosing the final panel.  I have to go back Monday for more scrutiny.  However, if past experience is any indication, I'll be impanelled.  (I've been called for jury duty twice before, and got put on a jury both times.  Those attorneys, they love me!) 

In some ways, I don't mind and actually feel good about participating in this crucial civic duty. But in other ways, I'm dreading it -- for it's sure to be a very tough trial to have to sit through, let alone determine! 

I'll write more about this as I am able ....


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