Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The little blue wonder drug

Ever since Viagra hit the market, men of a certain age have been singing its praises for "pumping up" their love lives. The medication works by aiding blood flow to the genitals, thus helping men maintain an erection.

But doctors apparently are exploring how the pill might be applied in other medical scenarios, and they're coming up with several promising alternatives, reports These other uses include helping prevent amputations, delivering more blood to developing fetuses, easing symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and even helping travelers deal with jet lag.

Viagra isn't the only medication with multiple uses. The ABC story also lists several others, including Botox, which apparently can help people who suffer from an overproduction of tears, and also those with chronic pain; and Latisse, used by glaucoma sufferers to aid vision, but also quite useful in growing long, thick lashes.


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