Monday, February 2, 2009

A "Super" time

I'm not really a huge football fan, to tell the truth. My mom is from Green Bay, so that makes me a defacto Packers fan -- sure, I'l l watch their games sometimes during the season, but it's by no means "appointment" TV for me (not so for sis and Mom!).

So, after the Packers (and the Favre-led Jets) got knocked out, and then this year's Super Bowl matchup came down to Pittsburgh and Arizona, I was all "ehhhhh" about the whole thing.

Then my friend Larry offered to host a Super Bowl party, and I was a bit more interested, because it's always fun to see such a big event in a convivial group setting-- plus be able to socialize AND munch on great food at the same time.

I was kind of rooting for underdogs Arizona, but I was mostly just hoping it would be a good game, and a good party.

On all counts: SCORE!! From the party (great group of people, good eats, a great party house -- thanks, Larry!), to the game itself (the very definition of "nail-biter!), to the commercials (funny, funny, funny!), to the half-time concert (The Boss is back!) ... it was a "Super" night all around!


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