Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update: Duty called, I answered


After 4 days of schlepping up to the county courthouse and sitting through the detailed, lengthy  voir dire process to pick a 13-person jury for a criminal trial, I was dismissed Tuesday just before lunch, along with 24 others in the pool.  Not one question had been directed at me all morning -- meaning they'd either chosen me already or ruled me out altogther.  

I'm happy to say it was the latter.  Not that I would want to shirk my civic duty; I've already served on two jury panels after all, and was glad of the experience both times.  But this trial, as I hinted previously, is sure to be a tough one.  That's because one of the charges is murder in the first degree, and much of the voir dire questioning concerned our attitudes about the death penalty -- meaning the State is likely to seek it should the defendant be found guilty of that charge.  And I was dreading the prospect of possibly having a man's life in my hands that way ...  

So, once again: Phew!!  


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