Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wash those cares away -- literally!

Got the blues? Or just the blahs? There's a lot of that going around.

Maybe it's the seasonal doldrums for those housebound souls living in colder climes. Or maybe you're just worn down by all the bad news in headlines and newscasts these days. Or maybe, like me, you're searching, in vain, for a job -- even as company after company announces massive layoffs. (Then, maybe you're worried sick about keeping your job!)

So, what to do?

Grab a mop, a broom, a featherduster -- and get to work shining up your place! Or, so the folks at RealAge advise in their weekly newsletter. Apparently, just 20 minutes of physical activity can bolster your mood and perk you up. Granted, that can certainly entail other activities (such as walking); but the housecleaning strategy has extra bonuses: You'll have an added sense of accomplishment -- and a neater house!


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