Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When splurging is worth it ...

I've always felt that I get much more pleasure out of spending money on activities that involve other people, as opposed to spending money on things.

Not that I don't occasionally succumb to the lure of the retail store -- what red-blooded gal doesn't love getting a new pair of shoes or cute top every now and then?!?  In general, however, I'd much prefer to spend my discretionary funds (slight though they may be these days!) on dinner/movie dates, going to the local theater or art museum, or on travel and vacations -- that sort of thing.  I rarely feel guilty over this kind of splurge. 

Well, according to a recent story in the L.A. Times, I'm on the right track, for a new study confirms that it's exactly this kind of expenditure that provides the most satisfaction.  "People report a sense of feeling invigorated or inspired," says Ryan Howell, a scientist for the study. 

So, go ahead -- have dinner out. It'll be good for you! 


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