Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fat times for candy makers

The national sweet tooth sure isn't suffering, says a recent New York Times story:  In fact, sales of inexpensive confections are soaring. 

Well, duh!  

It's a well-known fact that people tend to turn to comfort foods in stressful times.  For many, comfort comes in the form of sugar -- namely, candy.  Within this category, I'm pretty sure that chocolate is by far the No. 1 go-to goodie.   I've even confessed my own choco-addiction on this blog. 

But, like many others watching their wallets (if not their waistlines!),  I find myself choosing the economical brands more often these days.  Oh, not the utter junk that you find in discount stores (that stuff is yukky, if you ask me, and certainly not worth the calories!) -- but middle-brow brands like Hershey's and Mars.  

Hmmm .... do I sense a possible buying opportunity on Wall Street??  Now, I'm certainly no financial expert, but heck, if you've got the cash to invest -- and the stomach for the risk -- perhaps a few shares of The Hershey Company, or Nestle?  On the flip side, maybe some shares of weight-loss franchises such as NutriSystem Inc.? (Note: with Nestle you get a two-fer, because it owns Jenny Craig also -- talk about hedging your bets!)


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