Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recession's booby prize

OK, times are tough. We're all feeling it -- whether the pain of a lost job, or frustration over looking for a new one, or nervousness over keeping the one you've got.

So, what, apparently, are women choosing to do? Why, get a breast enhancement, that's what.

According to a Times (UK) blog I found, boob jobs are up 30 percent in Britain, as women turn to artificial enhancements to boost their chances of landing a new job.

Jeez! For all the gains we've made as a gender, why the hell do women still feel like it's LOOKS that are the most important thing? I mean, really, how exactly are bigger boobs going to help you perform a new job? Unless you're applying as a stripper, porn star or call girl, why not let the size of your BRAIN and your perky PERSONALITY represent you in your job search?


Sage said...

That's strange, because I have several naturally voluptuous friends who say they feel like they aren't taken seriously at work when they wear tops that don't hide the curves. Men stare at their chests instead of making eye contact. As a size 32A, I don't have this problem. Why on earth would any woman want to pay tons of money and endure significant pain if the result is that her male co-workers forget she is a human being with ideas and a voice?

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