Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The resurrection of simple pleasures

Want proof that the recession is a global pandemic? How about this:

Even the randy French are eschewing their sex aids, according to a story in Reuters. Vendors at a giant erotic fair near Paris were complaining that their sales were down as much as 30 percent.
Meanwhile, in Berlin, times are apparently so tough at one brothel that the proprietors are offering a flat rate, according to Newser.

I guess consumers worldwide are cutting their personal budgets so much that they're resorting to "the old-fashioned way" of getting their nooky -- at home, with their honey, using what nature provided or what's already in the toy chest. In hard times, it's the simple pleasures that seem to be the most satisfying ...

But that's probably a good thing, for it may cause couples to reconnect and find deeper, more meaningful levels of intimacy.


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