Sunday, March 1, 2009

You want to do it WHERE??

Found this wonderful blog item, and just had to share:

The 16 Most Overrated Sexual Acts of All Time.  

Though I'll admit I haven't personally tried all of them, I find the list to be hysterically funny and spot-on. 

My faves:

No. 1.  What's so great about a sand wedgie? Yuk!  (Although I DO recommend utilizing a lounge chair ... nuff said!) 

No. 3.  Let's just leave the porn to the video screen, OK? (Though maybe it might be useful for a few tips!) 

No. 9.  Face it: They're fantasies, and they should stay that way! 

No. 14.  This should be the best news of all for those male readers out there. (Note to Honey:  you're perfect the way you are ... just right!!) 


Paula and Skip said...

Just found your blog and simple love it. Had such a good laugh about this particular post

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