Friday, April 3, 2009

Helpful tips for those who have everything

Just as the national spotlight is being cast on the obscene trappings of uber-crook Bernie Madoff -- with the government seizure of just some of his homes and toys (a $9.4 million Palm Beach mansion! a $2.2 million luxury fishing boat!), comes a very helpful article from Forbes, synopsized on Newser: 10 Recession Expenditures to Shut Up About.

Said article warns those who are still sitting high on the hog to be a bit more on the down low about their good fortune. These are very helpful tips. Things like: At a party, don't brag to your unemployed friend about your first-class skiing trip to Switzerland (No. 6); or: When dining out, skip the high-end steakhouse if your dining companions are counting themselves lucky they still have a job -- not counting the size of their recent bonuses (No. 2).

Yes, very helpful tips, indeed.

But maybe the most well-to-do among us are already practicing a bit of self restraint. Signs of this trend are encouraging: Tiffany for example, posted a 76 percent drop in profits for its fiscal fourth quarter. I guess for that ultra-luxury jeweler, Christmas was more sticks than carats!

So, to all my super-wealthy friends (oh, that's right: I don't have any!): Ban the bling, at least for now. It's time to be a little more modest, a little more circumspect, a little more ... considerate.


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