Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading, right-sizing and arithmatic

Yet another recession-effects story, this one about book publishers. Seems they're printing more books in trade-paperback format, rather than the more expensive hardback, says a story in USA Today.

Trade paperbacks are larger than mass-market paperbacks, and more pricey (about $14, vs. about $6) but considerably less than hard-covers (about $25). Publishers are finding that this format helps them reach a very key demographic, according to the article: "'If we want to appeal to a twentysomething audience, we have to do it at an affordable price,'" says Carrie Kania of HarperPerennial, which will publish a record 100 or so paperback originals this year. 'And a trade paperback is the price of a new CD.'"

As an avid reader, this is good news for me, since it means that prices for the newest works of best-selling writers will be more affordable. As an environmentalist, I'm always happy to see products become a little more earth-friendly.

But, frankly, my favorite strategy, which is not only economical but also ecological, is to wait to read books until I can acquire them second-hand -- via book exchanges with friends, or from the library, or from thrift stores.

And, though I admit that I haven't tried any of these myself, how about joining a free book-swapping site? Here are a few links to check out:

Happy reading!


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