Thursday, April 16, 2009

Staying lean in lean times

It had to happen sooner or later.

The recession has affected just about every category of the American lifestyle, from shopping to dining to entertainment. Now, add fitness.   

Folks are shunning high-end gyms and pricey personal trainers, and snapping up lower-priced items, like mats and workout DVDs,  says a recent story in The Wall Street Journal.  They're also getting more creative in maintaining their workout regimens, from using a personal trainer for group sessions, to streaming free exercise videos from Netflix, to turning to TV for shows on yoga, pilates, kickboxing, you name it.  

That trend is a very good thing.  "Psychologists say any regular workout -- whether on a fancy machine or in a parking lot -- is a good one in a recession, when people are more likely to experience a loss of control that can lead to excessive eating and drinking," according to the Journal. 

So, I say, be as creative as you like in your workouts; just keep at it! 

But what about those people who really need a gym environment (the structure, the setting, the equipment, the classes) in order to stay on an exercise program?   Well, here's the good news: Many gyms are offering incentives to join, as well as flexible payment options.  But what if you're already a member?  Well, I'll bet you can talk them into a deal in order to keep you. That'll give your bargaining skills a good workout! 


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