Saturday, May 30, 2009

Call me a swinger!

Now that I have much more "Tracy" time on my hands, I'm keeping myself busy trying new things and getting more variety of activities in my life.

One sport that I haven't done very much over the years is golf. Oh, I took lessons as a teenager -- eons ago! -- but I never got over that sheer-frustration hump, and so I rarely played. But my dad (bless his heart!) has been taking me to the local driving range and putting green for practice, and he even arranged for me to get a lesson, which gave me the ABCs of the basic stance and swing.

Now we're getting out once or twice a week, and it's kind of fun! Obviously, I can hardly afford to take up the sport seriously at this point; but a bucket of balls is only about 3 bucks -- and that's good for at least an hour's entertainment. Plus, I always heard that a golf course is a great place to meet guys.

So, not only am I a swinger, but I'm a cheap date!


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