Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Away" I went

Caught a free screening of the new Focus Features film Away We Go last night. It stars John Krasinski (The Office) and Maya Rudolph (formerly of SNL) as a rootless, pregnant couple who travel to several destinations, visiting relatives and friends, in search of a place to settle down and raise their child.

I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. Entertainment Weekly gave it a middling B- rating, calling it a "comedy of quirkiness" -- which, indeed, it is. The couple (Burt and Verona) encounter several quirky-to-the-extreme characters in their journey, with some pretty over-the-top perfomances to go with the broad characterizations.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised overall. It turned out to be a touching, amusing and involving study of thirtysomething angst with good performances by the leads, nice cinematography, and a great soundtrack. It certainly was worth the gas and time -- which is all I spent! I'd be more generous than EW and give it a B+. It's a film suited for chicks, of course -- as well as men who can handle films about relationships and life!


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