Thursday, June 18, 2009

A call to arms

I was surfing around various places, looking for fodder for this blog as well as articles for my new role as the West Palm Beach Health and Happiness Examiner (please check it out -- often!!), when I stumbled across this call for volunteers for the Army of Women breast-cancer research project.

These are ongoing studies involving real women aimed at eradicating this major health issue for women. They are looking for women of all ages, races, sizes and health backgrounds. (For instance, current studies include looking at the effects of yoga on breast-cancer recovery, and looking at whether examining breast milk will be useful in predicting cancer probabilities.)

It's a completely voluntary program. You can sign up to participate in any study that you like; and if you're a good "fit," they'll accept you. So, please go on the site and register. The more participants there are, the faster researchers will be able to find the secrets to not only a cure -- but also prevention. What have you got to lose? -- except the fear of having breast cancer impact your life!


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