Monday, June 15, 2009

The sea season

Ahhh! Summer in Florida.

Yes, it's hotter than roll of quarters in a frying pan and muggier than a wool sweater in the dryer; but these are the days when we can slow down, take some time off, and enjoy the slower pace.

It's also much easier to indulge in some of your favorite activities without having to battle the long lines, waits, and parking hassles that come with the crowds during tourist season.

I personally love the summertime ocean: Before about 11 a.m., it's usually clear, calm -- and best of all, flat. I've been trying to get down there once or twice a week to do some swimming (I'm up to about a mile, woo-hoo!). Plus, I've been doing some snorkeling with one of my Meetup groups (a GREAT way to meet other like-minded folks and make friends, btw!).

On Sunday, we went to a walk-on reef off Fort Lauderdale and snorkeled for about an hour and a half. In my little group of snorkelers, we saw lots of cool sealife, including angelfish, sea urchins, a sea turtle, and a hatchery with about 10,000 baby fish. (It's easy to get into snorkeling; you can buy a basic snorkel set for about $40 -- or less.)

Next weekend, I plan on an easygoing bicycling adventure along A1A. And then after that, perhaps some more snorkeling; and then a pool barbecue and picnic; and then a free outdoor concert; and then some more biking; and then snorkeling ....

'Tis the season. Rejoice!


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