Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Discovered this fun little list on Twenty little-known facts about movies.

Here are a few that really made my eyebrows rise:

No. 4: Some of the first film loops shown to the public "included one showing 'cooch' dancers; another reenacted the decapitation of Mary, Queen of Scots—arguably the first horror flick."

No. 7: Sound-effects crews sure get creative. For instance: Crunchy snow: ice layered with cornstarch. Birds in flight: leather gloves flapping. Heads getting squished: frozen heads of lettuce … getting squished.

No. 8: Walla is a term for the murmur of a crowd. It came from the fact that several people saying “walla, walla, walla, walla” sounds like a large group talking.

No. 12: Egads! A large popcorn with butter can pack 1,600 calories.

No. 15: "One of the most famous mechanical stunt actors—the shark in Jaws—was famously balky. Its hydraulics corroded in salt water, forcing Stephen Spielberg to substitute scenes shot from the shark’s point of view."

No. 18: "An IMAX projector weighs as much as a male hippo, costs $5 million, and has a bulb so bright that, if pointed upward, it could be seen by astronauts on the International Space Station."

Sorry if I've ruined the "magic" of the movies a little bit for you ... but: Happy viewing, anyway!


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