Monday, July 27, 2009

Nudity in the news

Reuters recently posted this fun little story on the Top 5 destinations for Nude Vacationing. Here they are, with my personal takes on each:

What: World Naked Bike Ride (worldwide, June and July
): Riders, advocating cycling over driving, often paint messages on their bodies.
What I say: I'm all for lobbying for ways to help the environment (and bike riding certainly qualifies!), but riding a bicycle with nothing between your nether parts and the bike seat? Yuk! (Can you say "sweaty and smelly"?!)

What: World Record Skinny Dip (across North America, July): This event, hosted by the American Association for Nude Recreation, had more 12,000 participants last year, qualifying it for a Guinness Book category.
What I say: Go for it! There's nothing more refreshing (or, in some special cases, sexier!) than submerging your unclothed body in a cool body of water. And if an event like this can help get Americans over their prudishness regarding the naked body, all the better!

Nude Beach Olympics, (Australia, January): The games celebrate Maslin Beach’s place as the country's first official nude beach.
What I say: Nude beach, good. Nude Olympics? Questionable. When you're engaging in any activity that makes you sweat and bounce around like that, I think some clothing is preferable -- if only as a sweat-sopping measure!

What: Running of the Nudes, (Spain, July): PETA hosts this event in Pamplona to protest the cruelty of bullfighting—runners, though mostly naked, don bull horns.
What I say: Let me get this straight: A bunch of macho, testosterone-fueled men are going to heed a message delivered by nude women jiggling past them? Yeah, right!

What: Burning Man (Nevada, August and September): 50,000 people come together in the Black Rock Desert to create art and then ceremoniously burn it down, with free-spirited participants often stripping down.
What I say: Well, it's to be expected as part of the whole experiece. After all, wild, hedonistic revelries often are accompanied by stripping of clothing and other uninhibited behavior.

Oh, and by the way: Where the heck is Fantasy Fest on this list? I mean, that 10-day revelry of all things fantastic takes nudism and naughtiness to new heights!


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