Sunday, August 30, 2009

How Ted Kennedy could have been "Right" instead of "Left"!

Speaking of the Green Bay Packers:

Amid all the news stories, remembrances and mourning for Senator Ted Kennedy, who died Aug. 25 of brain cancer at age 77, came this little bit of his biography that I never knew: He was once offered a spot with the Packers!

According to info on the site, the young stud was quite the football player during the years he attended Harvard:

"On November 20, 1955, in a 21-7 defeat to Yale, Harvard's lone score came on a low five-yard pass that was snared by No. 88, the Senior Right End Ted Kennedy. Just one month earlier, Kennedy's promise on the football field had caught the notice of Green Bay Packer Head Coach Lisle Blackbourn. "You have been very highly recommended to us by a number of coaches in your area and also by our talent scouts as a possible Pro Prospect," Blackbourn wrote to the young Right End. Kennedy declined the offer, saying he was flattered, but that he had plans to attend law school and to 'go into another contact sport, politics'.
(And we all know how that decision turned out! )

Hmmm ... you think that maybe the ultra-liberal politician was already prescient enough to be bothered by the fact that, if he accepted such an offer, his career accomplishments would bear the adjective "Right" instead of "Left"?!?


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