Sunday, September 27, 2009

My newest passion

As a fitness buff, I incorporate a workout into my life at least four times a week. I like to do a variety of things (e.g., functional training, bicycling, walking and swimming). However, one thing I've never embraced on a regular basis has been yoga. Oh, I've dabbled over the years, taking the occasional class and following a yoga workout tape at home now and then. But, for one reason or another -- usually scheduling or monetary -- I've never fully committed to the yoga life.

Until this past week, that is, when a golden opportunity to dive into yoga presented itself -- and I grabbed it.

The owner of my fitness studio is making over her business -- from a circuit-based, functional training studio, to a class-based system (pilates, yoga, functional training, beach boot camp, etc.).
The studio has been offering free classes to get us used to the change -- so I decided to take as many of the yoga classes as I could. I went Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

In just one short week, I'm hooked! So, I plan to finish up my one-year membership at the studio, taking two to three yoga classes per week (plus others here and there as well).

My yoga teacher, Ken, says that the practice of yoga makes you better from the inside out -- helping with everything from your energy to your moods to your appearance to your sex life.

Can't wait!!!!!


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