Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've got the Halloween ho-hums

Many of my friends rank Halloween as tops on their holiday list: the parties, the costumes, the candy and goodies, the chance to be someone (or something!) else for a night.

But for some reason, I've always been blase about this holiday. I can remember one year, at about age 10, I procrastinated so long on my Halloween costume that my exasperated mom literally cut two holes in a sheet and sent me out trick-or-treating as a ghost. (Not my favorite costume, btw!)

In my 20s, my sister lived close by (in Wellington), and she and her roomies always threw kick-ass parties -- so that was a fun period. But then, as I got older and friends married and had kids, they became wrapped up in that whole parenting experience of the holiday, while I sat on the sidelines and watched.

Gradually, I grew less interested in going through the bother of Halloween, so I stayed home and passed out candy to the neighborhood kids. Then last year, my Halloween was a lot of fun, because the ex and I went as a couple to a great party.

Now, however, it's back to the ho-hums. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, I do have several opportunities for having a scarily good time. I'll probably choose the West Palm Beach option: a private party followed by Moonfest, the free street festival on Clematis Street. I even found a costume that I don't hate. (Hint: I'm a prisoner of love.)

Who knows, maybe this year will be my best Fright Night ever, and I'll become a convert from the Halloween ho-hums to the Halloween happies!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here come the waves!

Well, my summer of snorkeling is over: The days of calm, clear water have given way to the fall/winter seasonal pattern of colder, murkier water, and bigger waves.

So, it's time to put away the snorkel gear ... and get out the boogie board!

Went to the beach today (don't hate me cuz I live in paradise, OK?!?), and it was a gorgeous day -- cool breeze, blue sky with puffy white clouds -- with small, perfectly formed waves rolling gently and regularly onto the shore. So, I spent about a half hour having a blast in the water, riding wave after wave almost up to the shoreline.

What a way to start a new "season"!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The celibacy diet

What do Corn Flakes, mint, licorice and saltpeter have in common? They are among 11 foods that most kill your sex drive, according to a hilarious blog I found called 11points.

Here's the reasoning:
Corn Flakes: developed by anti-sex and -masturbation crusader John Harvey Kellogg to be a bland, non-passion-arousing food.
mint: contains menthol, known in large quantities to kill the libido.
licorice: again with the libido-killing effect in large quantities.
saltpeter or potassium nitrate: long thought to be an anaphrodisiac.

The others on the list:
soy and cilantro, libido-tamers that are both eaten by monks (to, uhh, help with that whole celibacy thing, perhaps?); gin and tonics, a combo of testosterone-quashing quinine and hard-on-killing alcohol; tuna noodle casserole, and also okra -- both of whose taste and texture alone are enough to kill the "mood" for an entire evening!; graham crackers and granola, developed and marketed by moral crusaders Reverend Sylvester Graham and Kellogg, respectively (are we sensing a pattern here?).

For more details, and a really good laugh, check out the original blog. Meanwhile, if you want to get lucky tonight, you might be well advised to leave these foods off your menu today!

Monday, October 12, 2009

An infant too obese to insure? Only in America!

Saw this news item from the Denver Post, and I just HAD to comment. I mean, it's ridiculous! Seems a 4-month-old boy, who weighs a chubby 17 pounds but is otherwise healthy, was denied insurance coverage because, the insurance company says, he has a pre-existing condition: Obesity. Needless to say, his parents were confounded.
Any wonder our health-care system is so unhealthy? For more details, plus more of my take on this issue, please see my post at Examiner .com.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A beauty pageant for fake beauty!

You know we're reaching the point of no return in our youth- and beauty-obsessed society when an entire beauty pageant is created for plastic surgery patients! Yes, you read this right: It happened Friday (Oct. 9) at the Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 in Budapest.

I've written more extensively about this on my Examiner page, so check it out!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The secret to longevity: lots of sex, and lots of grapefruit?

Does the secret to longevity lie in grapefruit juice -- and man juice? A new study suggest so! That's because both grapefruit and human sperm contain high levels of a chemical compound called spermidine, which might be the secret weapon in helping us live longer!

For more details, check out my story on

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another year older ...

And hopefully wiser ...

I turned 53 five days ago. In this past year, my life has certainly changed in ways, and stayed much the same in others. I've landed and lost jobs; I've seen my family remain close while undergoing individual trials and tribulations; I've become single again and returned to the dating world; I've gained new friends while watching others drift out of my life; and I've stayed in shape by adding new and exciting activities to the mix.

But guess what? Maybe I'm not much wiser, because what I wrote a year ago (Happy Birthday to me, Oct. 1 2008) still basically holds true, so I'm just going to repeat it here:

Every day of my life has led me to this exact place and time, just as it should be. The true measure of success is how many loved ones you gather, not how much wealth. You get what you give. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make (credit: The Beatles).

Here's to the next part of the journey ...

Below is a picture of me, winning a pair of one-day cruise
tickets at a recent fund-raising event at Cheers in
Fort Lauderdale. Nice birthday present!

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