Friday, October 16, 2009

The celibacy diet

What do Corn Flakes, mint, licorice and saltpeter have in common? They are among 11 foods that most kill your sex drive, according to a hilarious blog I found called 11points.

Here's the reasoning:
Corn Flakes: developed by anti-sex and -masturbation crusader John Harvey Kellogg to be a bland, non-passion-arousing food.
mint: contains menthol, known in large quantities to kill the libido.
licorice: again with the libido-killing effect in large quantities.
saltpeter or potassium nitrate: long thought to be an anaphrodisiac.

The others on the list:
soy and cilantro, libido-tamers that are both eaten by monks (to, uhh, help with that whole celibacy thing, perhaps?); gin and tonics, a combo of testosterone-quashing quinine and hard-on-killing alcohol; tuna noodle casserole, and also okra -- both of whose taste and texture alone are enough to kill the "mood" for an entire evening!; graham crackers and granola, developed and marketed by moral crusaders Reverend Sylvester Graham and Kellogg, respectively (are we sensing a pattern here?).

For more details, and a really good laugh, check out the original blog. Meanwhile, if you want to get lucky tonight, you might be well advised to leave these foods off your menu today!


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