Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New ... Something, Anything!!

Well, 2009 is just a few hours away from being history -- thank god, because, frankly, it was a pretty sucky year all around.

Come to think of it, I'll be glad to see the entire decade ( the "Aughts"? ... the "Zeros"? We never DID come up with a descriptor!) go bye-bye. And I'm hardly alone. In fact, Time magazine had a recent cover story titled "The Decade from Hell" -- and it nailed the problems and ills we've both encountered and instigated as a me-first, short-sighted, consumer-capitalist society. From the "Millennial panic" to 9/11 to Iraq to Enron to the burst-bubble housing market to the disintegration of millions of jobs ... the hits just kept right on coming!

Sigh ...

So, I for one, am only to glad to bid adieu to the "Zeros" (much more fitting, if you ask me!). I'll be celebrating at a small but fancy (gourmet meal on fine china!) party with dear friends and strangers alike -- a perfect combo for greeting 2010! May you have a safe and happy celebration of your own.

Happy New Year; happy New Decade. Let's hope the "Teens" turn things around -- for all of us!!!


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