Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making it as a blogger

I've been writing for for almost six months now, and it's been a good-bad-news kind of effort. The good news: It has primed my writing muscles again and gotten me back into the regular-writing habit. Bad news: It hasn't exactly paid the bills.

Examiner, as you might have heard, is one of those "content mill" sites where the business model is quantity over quality; they're in an extremely aggressive expansion mode, adding markets and writers as fast as they can, without much concern over how good the writers are. Thus, there's a lot of pure crap and drivel on Examiner -- articles that are poorly written, not researched, not cited, and/or even downright plagiarized.

This gives the rest of us legitimate Examiners a really bad name. And it also drives down the page views for individual Examiners, especially those Examiners who cover basically the same "beat." (Though, not surprisingly, the execs at the company argue the exact opposite outcome -- more page views overall, more page view for everyone!!)

And, as you might have suspected, this blog -- Middle-Age Sexy -- hasn't paid me one dime so far for my efforts. It's been a labor of love, one I've neglected of late in favor of writing for a site where I can make at least something.

Happily, these efforts have finally borne fruit in the form of two Internet-writing gigs that actually pay me a decent wage!

First, I've joined a small, locally-based, start-up Internet site, doing SEO and PR writing. I'm in on the ground floor of something that could turn out to be great; but regardless, I'm learning invaluable skills.

And second, I've become a lead blogger for a new blog at AOL personals geared toward Boomer and senior singles. The blog is still in its formative stages, and we haven't quite settled on a name for it, but I'm really excited about this new gig! Stay tuned for details.

Meanwhile, I'll still continue to contribute blogs on this site and articles for Examiner; just not quite so many (sorry -- gotta prioritize!).


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