Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 'Avatar' effect

As I reported on my Examiner page, the blockbuster sci-fi movie Avatar just shattered the record for biggest grossing film of all time, raking in more than $1.843 billion (!) -- with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Indeed, pricey tickets at IMAX 3D theaters across the country (including in my South Florida area) are selling out show after show ... after show after show.

Not only that, but people are lining up more than once to pay for the pleasure of being immersed in the wondrous world created by James Cameron -- watching the adventures of the paraplegic hero Jake, as he interacts with the the fascinating race of the blue Na'vi on the luminescent moon of Pandora.

People like me -- someone who never pays to see a film twice on the big screen. Normally, I'll wait till it comes out on DVD or HBO for a second viewing, thank-you-very-much. But I found myself so taken with this film when I first saw it in 2D (how very ... archaic!!) that I'm anxious to see it in the format that Cameron intended -- glorious, lifelike 3D.

That, folks, is the Avatar effect.


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