Friday, January 8, 2010

It's impossible to keep a secret on Facebook

I got a message from a Facebook friend yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 7, 2010) clueing me in on a girls-only meme that was making the rounds on Facebook, whereby, as a sign of support for breast-cancer awareness, women were asked to put their bra color as a one (or two) word status update -- and, hush! -- keep it a secret from the guys!

Awesome! I thought, immediately complying, ("blue" it was!), before dutifully forwarding the message to dozens of my female FB friends.

And then I spent a good portion of that afternoon and evening refreshing my Live Feed so I could see how many gals had joined in on the fun -- and also read the men's puzzled comments to some of the updates. One guy even optimistically posted a link to a cool -- but misguided -- YouTube video about the color "black" in response to a posting with said color.

"Black" ... "Red" ... "Beige"... "Pale pink" ... "Leopard"(!) ... "None"(!!)

It was a hoot -- almost addictive, really.

Alas, as soon as today, the word started leaking out via public blogs about the FB craze; so that men are getting in on the secret, mere days after it began.

Too bad ...

It was fun while it lasted; but in the public realm that is Facebook, I guess secrets are almost impossible to keep!


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