Friday, February 26, 2010

Vote for me!

I've never been one for avid self-promotion, so this blog title already doesn't sit too well with me.

But, a friend of mine nominated this blog, Middle-Age Sexy, for a bunch of South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blog awards. The voting has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now, and the contest is fast winding down. (In case you want to support a starving -- but sexy! -- middle-aged blogger, go to the BOB Awards voting site and vote! I'm in several categories: humor, defies categorization, personal, and best overall.)

The prize is $100 -- which would be the first money I'd ever earned from this particular labor of love. Of course, I'm not even in the top three in any of the categories, so I'm not holding out much hope of scoring a cool hundred bucks.

But I am looking forward to attending the BOB Awards party, which occurs next Wednesday (March 3) in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I'm going to go with my friend, Gail, whose excellent blog, Shrinking Sisters, is also a multiple nominee.

As two escapees from the Sun-Sentinel (and yes, we do consider ourselves as having escaped that place!), Gail and I are looking forward to checking out the old "nabe" -- as well as networking with other bloggers. We've even heard there's going to be some free food! (Hey, we're bloggers: Will socialize for food ...)

I'll let ya know if I win anything. It would be an unexpected honor, that's for sure!


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