Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The greening of a film festival

Last year in May, I was lucky enough to sign up last-minute as a volunteer for the Delray Beach Film Festival, and I had a wonderful week -- which I blogged about May 25, 2009 (A Film Lover's Orgy). At the time, I vowed to take a larger role in this year's festival, the fifth one, which just concluded its May 22-28 run.

So, last November, I attended an early organizational meeting for volunteers, where I announced that I wanted to help make the festival go "green" this year.

Soon enough, I was the head of a one-person greening committee! Not wanting to bite off more than I could chew, I decided to my main goal would be to bring recycling to the major parties and events -- but only glass/plastic and aluminum (baby steps!!).

It was a dirty job -- literally, as I had my hands in trash and recycling bins at every party! -- but it was well worth it: I saved about 20 bagfuls of recyclables from the landfills during the weeklong festival. I also headed up a beach cleanup event on Saturday, which was designated as a specially themed "Green Day."

I kept my eyes open and learned a lot during the entire week -- especially Saturday. In addition to seeing several enviro-themed films that day, I also attended a green workshop, where I got some good ideas on expanding our efforts at next year's festival.

From these little baby steps, we can only get greener!


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