Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer in the suburbs

So ... how's your summer going?

Now that the Fourth of July has come and gone, we're dead-smack in the midst of it. Many folks around the nation are sweltering right now, while we here in South Florida are experiencing the typical thunderstormy days (and nights.)

The Fourth was actually a washout here: It rained and/or drizzled pretty much all day (starting at noonish) and through the fireworks displays. I spent the day on or near the beach, hanging with friends, dodging raindrops, and awaiting the fireworks -- which did go off in typical spectacular fashion. However, other city-planned festivities (concerts, parades etc.) were pretty much abandoned.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to stay positive and make plans for my favorite summer activities: snorkeling, biking, kayaking -- while also keeping a Plan B in the back of my mind. I also need to find a sunny afternoon/dry evening with which to complete a deck-refinishing project that got screwed up by an untimely rainstorm ...

A typical summer, really, for South Florida: Hot and rainy, but also slower-paced and friendlier. Time to hang with friends, take it easy, and do as little "work" as possible. While, always, keeping a watchful eye on the hurricane reports!

And so it goes. July already, spinning quickly into August ... and my escape to Vermont for a much-needed respite/change of scenery. It'll be here before I know it.


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